Ann Orrett

About the Artist

I am a magnanimous despot, a magpie, a collector of images, talk too much, questionable sanity, semi-retired educator and an artist. I never fitted into any sort of academic box and if you saw me in the street, I’m not sure you would recognise any of the above. My current images are all related to everyday – family, shopping, walking in the High Peak, poking fun with a dark twist and remembering. I have sent the following images for the exhibition as these are directly related to COVID-19 all taken between March and June 2020, some of them The “Roses” and “Rose tinted Reflections” were taken on the Day of my Dads funeral. I hope they provide happy memories for others too.



These flower randomly in my garden and yard. I refuse to remove them, despite the insistence of my Mum who thought they were weeds. I think they are just beautiful and are a constant reminder of people you have lost including both my Mum and Dad. They are extraordinary up close, so you often never really appreciate the starry centre and their beautiful blue.


During May 2020 we held my Dad’s funeral and scattered his ashes with my Mums. These are their memorial roses. Golden memories of their life together.

Great granddads Sweetie Jar

We all have things that remind us of different people and the Sweetie Jar was something my Dad would reach for when I took my grandson to visit him in the Care home. Here filled with “vintage” sweets although to be fair the 3 Kilos of fruit jellies my sister and I sent took him a while to get through when we were trying to encourage him to eat.

Rose Tinted Reflections

This a panoramic shot of the Memorial wall at Manchester Crematorium with beautiful pillars and plaques – taken on the day of my Dads funeral this is just a poke really at how we remember – and although you can remember people however you like, just bear in mind you can be a little over rosy – it’s not a bad thing but be aware you’re doing it!

Forget me not - Mixed Media
Roses - Mixed Media
Great Grandads Sweetie Jar - Photographic Artwork
Rose Tinted Reflections - Photographic Artwork