Dawn Campion

About the Artist

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2020 will be looked at as the year where dreams seemed to turn into nightmares, and for a lot of things I would completely agree. As the first lockdown started, I was one of the delivering artists on a project called “Dare to Dream”. This project rubbed off on me and I did dare to dream. I applied for a small pot of Arts Council funding. My bid was successful, the dream became a reality because I made it happen, you can do this too!



We all want to protect the world around us and keep our friends and family safe. In 2020, we had to protect those close to us even more. Medical conditions made my family more vulnerable to Covid-19, locking ourselves away from friends and family and always taking extra care to keep each other safe. This picture shows us looking after each other, safety in our hands.


Pull Yourself Together!

I am a teddy bear artist, and a lot of the time I spend my time putting bears together. In 2020 it was about pulling myself together, finding a focus, managing difficult circumstances and managing life changing events. We all go through many tricky events in life and we often feel like that teddy bear with a loose arm, but we can fix this and we will get through the events that life throws at us. Slowly and with help, we do pull ourselves together!

Dream - Textile Machine Embroidery
Care - Textile Machine Embroidery
Pull Yourself Together - Textile Machine Embroidery