Fi Burke

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Twitter: @fiburkecreative

Instagram: @fiburkeart

The Next Page, Understood,  Thesaurus

After attending a lecture about the German philosopher Kant, I became fascinated by his theories on art and ways of seeing. Although intrigued by his theories, I also found myself transfixed by the physicality of his words; specifically the edges of the pages of his ‘Critique of Judgment’ manifested as parallel marks made by the photocopied handouts.

I introduced these marks to my mapping process; collage, camera lens and software.

Two and a half centuries later, his thoughts have informed my perception and representation by becoming part of my visual outcomes.

Without currently having access to my fine art printers, this piece (made in lockdown) is the equivalent of an artist’s proof. It is the first in an edition of 50 printed on my humble home printer.  A play on words acknowledging the challenges of the blurred lines between endings and beginnings.

The Next Page - Inkjet Print
Understood - Inkjet Print
Thesaurus - Inkjet Print