Claire Flint

About the Artist

My inspiration comes from the combination of organic forms found in nature and elements of man made industrial materials. I love the control of nature and how it can change and form the landscape around us overpowering and manipulating the environment, It amazes me how it can create something so naturally astounding by the most simple of processes. What also fasinates me is our, human, impact on the landscape our development and structures that can form very different creations in our environment. Aerial views of the landscape inspire me also images of the solar system and the planets, mass and creation; they seem to hold a natural aura of beauty around them that is very powerful.

Taking aspects from both forms I recreate these in a controled yet experimental way to form a representation of the relationship between the two subjects. Using a mixture of materials and processes, while experimenting with shape and texture, a conclusion is formed from the outcome of these activities. The surface is gradually built up of a network of layers that differ in thickness and effect across stretched canvas that intrude the viewers plain with their uneven edges and depth. This becomes a template for the variation of illusional effects I create with a mixture of paint, varnish, oils and pigment. Particular attention is paid to the production of my work and paint is used as a physical medium thinking about the marks it creates and the traces it leaves on the working surface.


Red and Blue Clarity No1 - Mixed Media
Blue and Yellow Clarity No2 - Mixed Media
Green and Yellow Clarity No3 - Mixed Media