Luisa Freitas

About the Artist

My artworks are comprised of a series of drawings that reflect my emotional state during the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine. These works range from a general state of mind in regards to the difficult circumstances surrounding the year 2020, to a more personal take. The work “Lilies, Solidagos and Lisianthus” honours the memory of those who have passed during the Covid-19 with the flowers that represent gratitude, mourning and peace. The work “Rebirth” features the robin bird, that symbolises hope and the beginning of something new. The last remaining works showcase my inner turmoil and need to release negativity.

Twitter: @LuisaIllustrate
Facebook:  @LuisaPaintingIllustration

Lilies, Solidagos and Lisianthus - Watercolour and Pen on Paper
Rebirth - Pencil on Paper
Grief - Pencil on Paper
Let Go - Pencil on Paper